Sections’ Blasting and Painting Center (OCM)

The services at OCM include:

  • Renting of chambers for blast cleaning with steel shots
  • renting of hydrodynamic painting chambers in ventilated and heated painting chambers

The sections’ blasting and painting center consists of the following chambers:

Object’s nameLength [m]Gate’s width [m]Gate’s height [m]
Shot blasting chamber 135,516,514,4
Shot blasting chamber 235,21710
Shot blasting chamber 329,614,910,9
Painting chamber 13016,514,2
Painting chamber 23016,514,2
Painting chamber 33016,514,2
Painting chamber 43014,79
Painting chamber 53014,79
Painting chamber 63014,79
Small parts maintenance chamber5,533,5

The total area of the OCM is about 13200 m2 of roofed area. All technological chambers are equipped with: automatic systems for controlling, controlling and adjusting the parameters of the working environment (temperature, humidity, concentration of hazardous factors) and a system for utilizing harmful fumes.

The cleaning and painting center is specialized to perform anti-corrosive actions in the field of shot blasting with steel shot and hydrodynamic painting. OCM has a concentration monitoring system and a fire protection system for technological processes. The chambers are supplied with compressed air from a local compressor. The center ensures airtightness and purity of performed technological processes. It creates friendly and safe conditions for application and environmental protection.

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