Large-size structures

The basic scope of production includes:

  • floating docks,
  • sea and inland vessels,
  • ship hulls,
  • elements of wind farm structures,
  • elements of offshore structures,
  • steel structures for general and industrial construction,
  • bridge structures,
  • large-size structures,
  • ship sections,
  • parts of ship hulls and superstructures,
  • elements of the construction of drilling platforms,,
  • other steel structures for various purposes.

Basic technological processes

The plant’s activities are based on the following departments:

  • Sheet and profile processing department,
  • Structural fabrication department,
  • Cleaning and painting center,,
  • Shipbuilding department on 3 slipways,
  • Ship equipment department.

Dominant technological processes

  • shot blasting and maintenance of sheets and profiles,
  • plasma cutting of sheets,
  • automatic cutting of profiles,
  • sheet and profile bending,
  • assembly and welding of flat sections,
  • welding of steel structures,
  • welding of frame stiffeners at an automated frame prefabrication station,
  • anti-corrosion protection, including: cleaning and painting with protective paints at the Specialist Cleaning and Painting Center,
  • prefabrication of sections, blocks and steel structures in halls,
  • Assembly of ships, docks, hulls and steel structures on 3 slipways,
  • ship and dock equipment.

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