Transportation services

Transportation services

Cometto SYT6/4_40T Platform  – It is a modern vehicle, fully automated. It can move through passages between prefabrication halls and a ramp. The platform is 16 m long and 6 m wide. It has six steering axles and eight wheels on each. It has two air-conditioned driver’s cabins, it can be remotely controlled (by radio).

The advantages are its high carrying capacity, the ability to raise and lower the deck (up to 70 cm), and also, maneuverability. It’s equipped with a load’s monitoring system on the platform and center of gravity settings. Electric height control and hydraulic axial alignment mean an equal distribution of the load weight on all wheels, regardless of the ground.

Technical parameters Cometto SYT6 / 4_40T:

  • two air-conditioned driver’s cabins
  • remote control by radio
  • center of gravity display (COG)
  • turning angle +/- 1300
  • capacity 400 tons,
  • platform dimensions 6 mx 16 m
  • transport’s height 1.9 m
  • platform lifting range 1.6 m to 2.3 m
  • the transporter has 6 steering axles, eight wheels on each axle
  • turning radius: 9.9 m
  • the ability to ride sideways
  • SCANIA engine with 405 kW
  • curb weight 76 tons.

Lifting services

loading and unloading (including on watercrafts), crane service during production processes

Yards with cranes

  • Op-0 crane with a lifting capacity of 50/5 t D-21
  • OP-1 two cranes each 50 / 5t Factory no. d-24.25
  • OP-2 two cranes each 50 / 5t Factory no. d-24.25
  • ON slipway overhead crane for assembly of 300t, and two assembly sites OP-1 and OP-2
  • Op-3 and OP-4 assembly yards for servicing three cranes: D-3, D-4 32/5 t and D-22 50/25/5 t

We have

  • We have the Wulkan north and south quays and the Drzetowskie quay in one row with a length of 511 running meters and 5 cranes for handling transshipments and repairs with the lifting capacity of D-18 23 / 12,5I; D-11 16T, D-28 50/25/5 t; D-23 50/25/5 t; D-19 23 / 12.5t
  • The southern Drzetowskie quay, with 95 m in length, and the D-29 25/5 t crane, draft 4.3m
  • Barges’ quay next to the WN slipway, length 95 m, max length of the ship up to 85m, draft 4.3m, crane for the service of D-32 t and slipway s-209, lifting capacity 432 t going out to 8 m for the reservoir
  • WP-3 yards with D-2 32t lifting capacity; K-1 80/10 t D-8 32 t S -209 432 t

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