Preliminary treatment of plates and profiles

Shot blasting and primering of plates and profiles. We carry out shot blasting and primering on two automatic production lines plates metals and profiles.

The service includes:

  • stress relief straightening on roll press (only forplates)
  • heating the material to a temperature recommended by the paint manufacturer
  • scale removal to the Sa2,5 class
  • painting with a primer for temporary protection with a coating thickness of approx. 20 µm
  • drying

The metal sheets pretreatment process allows maintenance of up to 2500m2 for 8 hours of work.
The profiles pretreatment process enables maintenance of up to 55 tons for 8 hours of work.

thickness range4 ÷ 50 mm
width range1000 ÷  3300 mm
length range 3000 ÷  12000 mm
length range:3000 ÷ 12000 mm
max profile height:300 mm
max profile width:1700 mm

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