August 17, 2019 Author: Stocznia Szczecińska „Wulkan” sp. z o.o.

On 17 July took place a presentation of a self-propelled platform for transporting oversized cargo - Cometto SYT6 / 4_40T.

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On 17 July took place a presentation of a self-propelled platform for transporting oversized cargo – Cometto SYT6 / 4_40T.
– The platform with a carrying capacity of 400 tons allows us to carry out production of large-size structures, including elements of ships, offshore or bridges – said Wojsław Babiński, project leader at Szczecin Shipyard. – It is a modern vehicle, fully automated. It can move through passages between prefabrication halls and a ramp. The carrying capacity is adapted to our lifting devices, so that it enables trouble-free construction of structures and entire ships. The platform is 16 m long and 6 m wide. It has six steering axles and eight wheels on each. It has two air-conditioned driver’s cabins, it can be remotely controlled (by radio). The advantages are its high carrying capacity, the ability to raise and lower the deck (up to 70 cm), and also, maneuverability. It’s equipped with a load’s monitoring system on the platform and center of gravity settings. Electric height control and hydraulic axial alignment mean an equal distribution of the load weight on all wheels, regardless of the ground.
– I would like to congratulate the good choice of my predecessors – said Marek Opowicz, the president of Szczecin Shipyard, reminding, that he has only been in this position for several days. – The shipyard is a working enterprise. We do various kinds of constructions, we cooperate with at least several dozen of various types of companies, to whom we rent infrastructure and enable production, in particular in the shipbuilding industry. This platform was chosen after proper analysis, which is obvious, because it is a big investment. It is the best for our needs. Not only we will use it, but also companies that operate in our area, because we want them to develop and allow their production to grow. I treat it as a very good beginning.
Małgorzata Jacyna-Witt, the chairwoman of the Supervisory Board of Szczecin Shipyard, pointed out that the new device was bought by the company from its own, developed funds, without any subsidies, on the basis of leasing. It will be used to continue the contract with the German company, i.e. the production of maritime-river elements of passenger ships, and in the future also in the construction of ferries. The Cometto vehicle – this “yellow Ferrari”, as M. Jacyna-Witt called it – allows the shipyard to primarily reduce costs, because until now a similar device, although smaller, had to be rented.
Technical parameters Cometto SYT6 / 4_40T:
– two air-conditioned driver’s cabins
– remote control by radio
– center of gravity display (COG)
– turning angle +/- 1300
– capacity 400 tons,
– platform dimensions 6 mx 16 m
– transport’s height 1.9 m
– platform lifting range 1.6 m to 2.3 m
– the transporter has 6 steering axles, eight wheels on each axle
– turning radius: 9.9 m
– the ability to ride sideways
– SCANIA engine with 405 kW
– curb weight 76 tons.


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