As scheduled, early January saw the start of a new investment at Szczecin Industrial Park. The project consists in the revitalization and modernization of an out-of-use railway siding. Works are slated to finish in the third quarter of 2015. The first trains will enter the Park in mid-2016.

Preparations are also underway for a task carried out by the City of Szczecin Municipality, which entails modernizing crossings at Stalmacha and Nocznickiego Streets. The remaining part of the railway infrastructure, which is necessary to open the railway siding, will be renovated by PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe Ltd.

Despite boasting an appealing location, Szczecin Industrial Park suffers from limited access from the mainland. The siding, which is supposed to undergo renovation, will serve non-public functions, handling cargo transport for the needs of individual users. The Park’s connection with a railway line will boost the area’s appeal, at the same time offering vast potential in terms of transit of materials and goods. The aim of Szczecin Industrial Park Ltd. is to restore the possibility to deliver large elements (e.g. metal sheets, engines, cranes, hoists, power generators and other devices) which are necessary for the production of vessels or installation of machines.

This project is bound to give a competitive edge to entities operating within the Park by reducing costs and increasing the number of available transport means. Our tenants fully agree with that as they have frequently mentioned the need to connect the Park with the south of Poland, the cradle of steel production. – says Grzegorz Huszcz, President of Szczecin Industrial Park Ltd.

The former Szczecin Shipyard had several railway sidings with total track length of 8 km. Some of them were located outside the shipyard area, on the neighboring storage yards which are no longer in existence. The largest siding, which was nearly 7 km long and had multiple branches, was located partially (4.1 km) within the shipyard’s area, reaching all its sections and serving as a link with PKP track at Grabowo Park. In times of ownership changes, that siding went out of operation. As a result, the companies operating in this area have to stick to road transport. However, a lot of elements have been left (especially in the closed section of the former shipyard), meaning that a relatively small amount of investment expenditure could bring this siding back to operation.

The investment is funded mostly from the existing resources of Szczecin Industrial Park Ltd., with 40% coming from the project named “Improvement of attractiveness of Szczecin Industrial Park,” which is co-funded by the EU Regional Operational Programme of the Westpomeranian Region for 2007-2013.