ZORKA WOLLNY ENVIRONMENT. RETROSPECTIVE FOR THE FUTURE – The exhibition was created in cooperation with, among others, Szczecin Shipyard.

This retrospective exhibition does not look at the past, but at the future, asking how to do exhibitions with a small carbon footprint? The environment is usually a system of interdependent, interpenetrating inanimate and animate elements. The environment of Zorka Wollny is at the same time acoustic, anthropogenic, artistic, degraded and animated. It consists of works of art, performance and interactive installations: acoustic bird nests, sensory pillows from buoys or carpets made of broken glass. Most of the materials, objects and raw materials were recovered from producers and workplaces in Szczecin, including from the Szczecin Shipyard.

The exhibition was created in cooperation with the CTM 2020 Berlin, Chicago Architecture Biennale, steirischer herbst festival, with the support of the Szczecin Shipyard and Habia Cable.

The exhibition ‘Environment. Retrospective for the future’ Zorka Wollny will be available in Trafostacja until 29 March this year.


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